SOCIAL JUSTICE: Young Social Innovators from Killarney Community College pictured with garda Joe O’Sullivan as part of their YSI project.

By Grigoriy Geniyevskiy

Two student groups from one local school are taking issues to a whole new level by creating campaigns with local gardai.

The youngsters from Killarney Community College, who are part of the Young Social Innovators (YSI) highlighting social issues were to travel to a Speak Out in Cork City Hall, on Thursday, March 26. However, due to the current outbreak of COVID-19 this date will have to be postponed.

The two Transition Year groups partnered with An Garda Síochána throughout the year to collect their knowledge to ensure the best way to raise awareness about their two social concerns, explained teacher Lorraine Crowley.

“The first group created was ‘Cyclists Matter’,” she said.
“Their goal is to raise awareness on cycling safety and make sure everyone is safe to cycle on our roads. They are planning a Day of Action in April/May with An Garda Síochána Road Policing Unit to ensure all students are cycling safely to school, check the students’ bicycles are safe, and to ensure they have lights and locks, etc., and give out high vis vests and information leaflets from the RSA.” The group have created videos to show people how to illustrate the importance of wearing cycling safety gear and are prominent on Instagram promoting the @cyclists.matter.

The second group created was ‘Don’t Abuse to Amuse’, she added.

“Oour goal is to raise awareness about the misuse of drugs and the effects they can have on a person. We are working with An Garda Síochána and KDYS to gather information and educate ourselves and others on the effects of different types of drugs and we are learning some very scary and shocking statistics.”
The students have created a video to show people how drugs can effect family and school life. You can follow this initiative @dont_abuse_to_amuse on Instagram.