APPEAL: Kieran Donaghy pictured with Chloe and her parents Deborah O’Connor and Gareth Jenkins.


By Michelle Crean

It was a big-hearted gesture – Kerry’s ‘Star’ Kieran Donaghy not only launched a fundraising appeal for a very sick little toddler – but also donated his Sky Sports TV appearance fee from the weekend’s All-Ireland Replay.

Chloe Jenkins, whose mom Deborah hails from Killorglin, was featured in the Killarney Advertiser on Friday, August 30 to highlight an appeal to raise €150,000 through the GoFundMe page: ‘Chloe’s Journey’ as she battles a rare and aggressive cancer.

Donaghy not only made a video to create awareness about it but also this week visited the tot and made the donation. He also wanted to launch a further video appeal by asking all sports fans, and indeed the public at large, to make the minimum GoFundMe donation of just €5 to help Chloe receive the care and treatment that she needs.


“It was just so wonderful of Kieran to take the time to come and visit Chloe and to spend time with her,” Chloe’s mom Deborah O’Connor from Mount Lyne,Killorglin, said.

“Chloe took to Kieran right away and within minutes she was showing him her toys. He threw himself down on the floor beside her and just made such a fuss of her – she absolutely loved seeing him and it gave us such a lift to have him here. I just want to thank him for everything he has done.”

Kieran’s visit was particularly timely as Chloe’s parents had just received the news from Crumlin Children’s Hospital that surgery was to be scheduled for later this week. Chloe’s tumour is wrapped around many vital organs and major blood vessels. Her surgery comes with a whole host of complications.

Kieran stated that he was just so moved by the battle that Chloe is facing that he wanted to help.

“As a parent myself, I can’t imagine what Gareth and Deborah are going through.

Chloe is such a wonderful little child, it’s obvious to me that while she may be small, she is a warrior – despite what she’s going through she still has the biggest smile, she is an inspiration. I wanted to help launch the fundraising appeal and raise awareness. Once again, I’d just like to call on the public at large to help if they can at all, by making the minimum GoFundMe donation of just €5 to Chloe’s Journey. The difference your donation will make will be huge.”

See Facebook and GoFundMe: Chloe’s Journey for more.