Water Babies, Ireland’s baby and toddler swimming school, is celebrating National Baby Swimming Week 15th – 21st October as 5,000 babies and toddlers across Ireland take the plunge with their Mums and Dads and enjoy all the benefits of baby swimming.


Apparently babies love swimming! It’s one of the few things they can do from birth. Because they’re free of the restrictions of gravity, and able to use muscles they’d never use until they start rolling, crawling, walking and running, babies love the sense of freedom water gives them.


Scott (2 years, 3 months) has been attending Water Babies Classes at the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney since he was just four months old. “He’s a very confident and determined young man who likes to do his own thing. Water Babies has not only given him a love of water and swimming it has also taught him the joy of singing (he sings Water Babies songs all the time in and out of the water), music and sharing,” said Scott’s Mum Sandra. During the summer Scott spent lots of time swimming in the sea which is a lot different to our pool and never had any trouble because of all the skills he learned at Water Babies. “He even tried his hand at surfing and paddle boarding and passed on the skills he learnt at Water Babies to his big brother and cousins,” said Mum Sandra

Scott Michael O’Sullivan at The Aquila Club