Rathmore man Aidan O’Mahony is part of a new video appeal from frontline workers issuing a heartfelt plea to their communities to continue to keep their guard up in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Launched today (Tuesday), the frontline workers are reminding everyone of what communities have achieved already by working together.

The video, an inter-agency project between An Garda Síochána, Kerry County Council, the HSE, Cork City Council, and Cork County Council features frontline workers from all the agencies explaining what they miss during COVID-19 restrictions. Although it’s difficult, they ask people in Cork and Kerry to continue to play their part.

All have been working for and with their communities throughout the COVID-19 emergency. They are reminding communities that although it’s hard, we all need to continue with the measures needed to stop the spread of the virus.

Speech and language therapist Cliona Carroll reminds everyone of the lives we have saved already, while Fiona Leahy asks them to think of the people who will still be with us this Christmas who might not have been. Community Garda Aidan O’Mahony says that this is the result of everyone working together, saying “We did that, and we did it together – because it only works if we all do it. We need to keep our guard up.”
Recognising that sticking to the restrictions is hard, Cliona Carroll says that she misses being able to give her mum a hug, while Aaron Williams from Kerry Civil Defence explains that he misses seeing his grandparents.

To see the video, go to YouTube: Keeping Our Guard Up.