By Michelle Crean

A little talented two-year-old from Killarney has won the Co-operative Housing Ireland’s (CHI) inaugural Christmas Art Competition.

Alice Hindmarsh took first prize in the 0-3 years’ category. The theme of the competition this year was ‘My Community at Christmas’, reflecting the co-operative principles of CHI. Alice incorporated this theme into her winning artwork which featured two snowmen, one of whom wore a mask to help keep other snowmen safe this Christmas.

For her efforts, Alice takes the top prize of an art box for the 0-3 years category. CHI ran this competition for its members and entrants hailed from all over Ireland. The competition was broken into five different categories based on the participants’ ages. The competition was judged by two professional artists, Claire O’Connor and Áine Macken who volunteered their time towards the project.

“We really loved the message of Alice’s picture,” Judge Claire O’Connor said. “The drawing of the snowmen, with the adult snowman wearing a mask, reminds us that every community must act to keep each other safe and we all have our part to play. It’s a fine use of art to explain a very important message for people of all ages.”