Paudie Healy who is the CEO Universal Access and Tom Randles, of Randles Hotels Killarney have been appointed to the government’s new Tourism Leader Group.

The new tourism leadership group that Mr Healy and Mr Randles have been appointed on is to oversee the actions in the tourism action plan from 2019 to 2021 and to develop the next plan to achieve the overall objectives set out in the policy – Growing Tourism to 2025.

Healy’s business is all about making tourism more accessible for people with disabilities while Randles is a member of the well-known hotel and garage family in Killarney.

“The importance of sustainable, regional & seasonal tourism has been clearly identified by Minister Ross and Minister Griffin. They fully recognise Tourism has the potential of delivering jobs and economic growth to the regions. I look forward in playing my part in delivering the strategy until 2025,” said Mr Randles.

“It was a defining moment for Ireland with both the ministers showing the political will and support for accessible and Inclusive tourism-for- all, to be included within the new tourism actions being developed for government- Growing Tourism to 2025,” said Mr Healy. “With all industry stakeholders working together we can meet all the challenges and opportunities ahead with smart initiatives across the full chain of tourism services especially for the changing demographics and changing consumer needs and expectations in the domestic and world markets. It will position Ireland to be a leader in offering person centric quality tourism experiences for the full human life cycle.”

Minister for Transport, Tourism, and  Sport, Shane Ross and Minister for State, Brendan Griffin appointed the two Killarney men on Tuesday of last week.






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