DECLUTTER YOUR HOME: Kim Kelleher is organising a ‘Trash and Treasure Fair’ in aid of Beaufort Community Centre on Sunday, October 20. Photo: Michelle Crean


By Michelle Crean

Turn your trash into treasure – that’s the latest fundraiser happening in Beaufort next month.

Local resident Kim Kelleher came up with the idea of theTrash and Treasure Fairfundraiser as a way to help the community fund renovation works for their local community centre.

On October 20, from 11am to 5pm, Kim plans to have a number of stalls, which will be prepaid in advance, selling their unwanted ‘trash’. This then becomes a treasure for the buyer.

“Beaufort Community Centre needs help in raising €20,000 towards much needed renovations,” Kim told the Killarney Advertiser this week.

“The community is a focal point for more than 20 groups and is the heart of the village.”

She said that anyone interested can book a table in advance only.

“You sort out all the unwanted items you wish to sell and declutter your home. You will feel so much better doing this. Sell your unwanted items and make money for yourself. I’m looking for raffle prizes as well, which would be very much appreciated.”

The community centre was built in the ‘70s and over the years little money has been spent on the property.

“We have over 20 voluntary groups using the facility including 30 meals made up six days a week for Meals and Wheels,” Chairman of Beaufort Community Council, Padruig O’Sullivan, said.

“It is also used for drama productions and public meetings.”

He added that a first phase upgrade the community council received €53,000 grant aid from South Kerry Development Partnership.

“This money comes through Leader Funding which is set up to assist community groups to make improvements in their locality tied in with employment. The community must raise €20,000 to move the project on. So far we have collected €11,500 and our fundraising events are ongoing.”

Entrance for adults is €2 and a raffle strip is included. Children are free. Refreshments will also be served.

Anyone who’d like to book a table can contact Kim on 087 3588693.