END DATE IN SIGHT: Works on Rock Road are nearing completion with an expected opening date in May. Pictured were: Jimmy Diggins, Tom Sheahan, Dan Maunsell, Conor Mitchell, Sean Enright (Site Engineer) and Mike Tydings. Photo: Michelle Crean

By Sean Moriarty

There’ll be traffic disruption on Rock Road tomorrow (Saturday) to facilitate works, including a power connection to the new Rock Road bus and car park – which is set for a mid-May opening.

Traffic delays will occur as workers connect power to the site to operate the new electric barrier and parking ticket machines.

The Killarney Advertiser has been campaigning since July 2017 for additional car parking spaces in the town – especially during the busy tourist season months.

The site was acquired from the Mercy Sisters last year and works began by Glas Civil Engineering in November. The plan also includes a new cycleway and walkway to the top of High Street.

The new car park, which is being redeveloped by Mike Lynch Civil Engineering, will provide approximately 190 additional public car parking spaces in Killarney and will be open just ahead of the busy tourist season.

Council workers recently completed the difficult task of moving the pedestrian archway and decorative pillars at the entrance of the old Mercy Convent back 4.8 metres, to make room for the new car park entrance and to widen to road there.

“We dismantled it one rock at the time and numbered each rock as we went,” said site foreman Sean Enright. “It was slow work, we had to use the machine to lift the rocks because they are so heavy and replace them one by one. We took plenty of photographs too.”

This week the crew replaced the existing water pump house that serves a priest’s house in the grounds, a complex operation that required the building of a new pump-house and the connection of same ahead of disconnecting the existing one without interrupting the water supply to the house.

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