TOP OF THE CLASS: Shane Trant and Dara Lawlor, are just two of four students who achieved 601 points in St Brendan’s College, Killarney. Picture: Eamonn Keogh

Sem boys get over 600 points in Leaving Cert

By Sean Moriarty

There was relief all around for almost 1,900 Kerry students who got their long awaited Leaving Cert students on Tuesday – but none more so than for four St Brendan’s College students – who received over 600 points each!
Principal, Sean Coffey, congratulated all 130 Leaving Cert students on their success and the “exceptional results” the four students achieved.
“I am proud of them all,” Sean Coffey told the Killarney Advertiser. “They were a great group of lads all the way up through the school and they all have done a really good job in the Leaving Cert. We have four students who have received over 600 points and a lot more who have over 500.”
One of the first to get his results was Muckross-based Dara Lawlor. When he emerged from the reception doors of the collage shortly after 9am on Tuesday, his mother, well-known local dentist Susan Gleeson was there to greet him.
When he revealed he had scored 601 points, guaranteeing him Theoretical Physics in Trinity College Dublin, she burst into tears.
“I am just elated,” she said.
Dara praised the school system for his success.
“Most of the hard work was done in the study hall after school,” Dara said.
A short time later his classmate and neighbour Shane Trant emerged from the same doors and he too had scored an impressive 601 points.
Shane’s family run Trant’s Pharmacy on Park Road, but he has decided on a future in economics rather than following the family business.
“I am very happy,” Shane told the Killarney Advertiser. “If you told me in June I probably would not have expected it, but overall I am delighted.”
The other two 600-plus students did not collect their results from the school on Tuesday morning.
Ballybunion student Sarah O’Connor achieved the highest points possible – 625 – and will go on to study medicine at UCC.