This week’s opinion piece is all positive and not even remotely contentious for a change. It’s too nice outside to be debating. There surely won’t be any controversy over this one. Surely.

Times like these remind you of how lucky we are to call Killarney home. The place is looking great, the sun is shining and the streets are buzzing. It’s an unbelievable town. The unprecedented spell of savage weather is obviously swaying me but it doesn’t take three weeks of sunshine to come to that realisation. All it takes is a nice summer day to be reminded of how special Killarney is.

The combination of the people and the surroundings make it an exceptional town to live in, and when you add in the eclectic mix of visitors and some clear skies it just tips it over the edge. They say you have to go away to come back and I certainly have a newfound appreciation of Killarney since returning home. There’s nowhere like it in the world.

But sometimes there when the weather is bad, you’d genuinely be cursing Killarney and Ireland in general. I live a short five-minute walk from the office but it can be a horrible five-minute walk when the rain is spitting in your face. You’d be thinking, “why do we even live here?” It’s gas what the weather can do to you.

There’s no pleasing some people though. We all know someone who constantly complains about the rain and when you sit there listening to them go on and on, you think to yourself, “if we had a heatwave they’d complain about that too.” And lo and behold, we’re having a heatwave and the same people are declaring that it’s “too hot”. Moaning about the weather must be just ingrained into our DNA. If I hear one more person saying that we could do with a bit of rain, I’ll crack. Let there be drought. We all know it won’t last too long more; it could be raining by the time you read this. Just enjoy the sun while it’s here.

And when it does rain, can we limit our negative comments to, “that’s the end of it now”? If it rains for the rest of the year, and next summer is rubbish too, so be it. We should be barred from complaining about the weather for a good two years. We’re having a proper summer in 2018. This will do us for a while.