GAME CHANGER: Killarney teacher Breda Courtney Murphy has created ‘Mrs Murphy’s Copies’ which are seeing phenomenal success nationwide.



By Michelle Crean

One Killarney woman has changed the future of teaching by developing a ‘game changer’ set of copies for all primary school pupils.

Breda Courtney Murphy, who is originally from St Brendan’s Place and now living in Coolcorcoran, has created a whole year’s writing programme from Junior Infants up to Sixth Class.

The Holy Cross Mercy school teacher, who has 39 years experience teaching all ages, has spent countless hours over the years as part of the job dotting copies for her young pupils to help them master the art of writing.

Last year she launched ‘Mrs Murphy’s Copies’, pre-cursive copies for Junior and Senior Infants designed by Damien Switzer Creative Director at KC Print in Lissivigeen, to help teachers save time preparing work.

It received such phenomenal success that Breda decided to create more for the older classes, this time cursive copies from First Class to Sixth and maths copies for Junior and Senior Infants, which have been very well received by teachers nationally.

“For years I taught Junior Infants and I saw the need for this type of teaching material,” Breda told the Killarney Advertiser.

“Like all teachers, I spent years dotting copies and it’s so time consuming.”

It all began four years ago when she decided to follow her passion and set up BCM Publishing Ltd.

She firstly produced the pre-reading/pre-writing skills book for Junior Infants called ‘Start!’.

“Then I decided to follow my dream of producing pre-prepared copies. Last year I launched the Junior and Senior Infant pre-cursive copies and I got great feedback. There was a great reaction nationally. One teacher said that the time she is going to save on dotting copies can now be put to better use to benefit the children.”

Having done further research, Breda decided this year to proceed with cursive copies for the older aged primary school children. These copies, while teaching the cursive script are full of fun and interesting activities.

For now, the copies which are printed by KC Print in Lissivigeen, are available to buy online at EDCO, the Educational Company of Ireland, and will be available in book shops as soon as bookshops open.