PROUD: Celebrating the 200th year of The Lake Hotel, Killarney following its opening last weekend are proud staff members, from left: Anthony Barber (Restaurant Manager), Mary Flannery (Receptionist), Sally McMahon (Accommodation Manager), Gemma Dacayo (Accommodation), Ashley Dunlea (Revenue Manager) and Sheila O’Callaghan (Sales and Marketing Manager). Photo: Don MacMonagle


By Michelle Crean

The Lake Hotel Killarney reopened for the season on Thursday last – but this is a special year – as the four-star family run hotel is celebrating 200 years in business.

Established in 1820, 2020 marks the bicentenary year of the hotel, which is located just 2kms from Killarney town centre.

The hotel is rich in history and culture, first opening as a town house in 1820 and progressing to a guesthouse in 1840. Previously owned by the Hilliard family, the Huggards purchased The Lake Hotel in the 1900s and it remains owned and operated by the Huggard family today. The Huggard brothers, Tony, Colman, Niall and Joe are third generation hoteliers from one of the great pioneering families in Irish hospitality and celebrated 100 years of Huggard hospitality in 2012. A legacy passed down through the generations is the emphasis placed on quality, attention to detail, and exemplary customer service.

Each year, the Huggard family invest in the enhancement of the hotel and are highly committed to maintaining a high standard for their guests. In keeping with tradition the new season marked the unveiling of new developments at the luxurious hotel with newly renovated guest bathrooms, a new fitness centre, steam room and sauna and 20 refurbished bedrooms.

“On this very special milestone for The Lake Hotel, it is evident that the secret to the longevity and success of this property is the constant strive for improvement from the owners,” Sales and Marketing Manager, Sheila O’Callaghan, said.

“They have never become complacent and have evolved with the times, constantly reinvesting in the premises and always looking at ways to improve the product offering. What the owners are most passionate about is their extended family – their guests and their team. The Huggards deliver such a warm welcome that all visitors to the hotel become friends as well as guests. As the hotel grows and develops, it will always retain its old-world charm and warm family welcome.”

200 YEARS: Celebrating the 200th year of The Lake Hotel, Killarney following its opening at the weekend are proud staff members. From left: Oisin McCoulough, Barislav Pekov, Damien Brown, Florian Lekndreaj, Stanislave Gnjatovic, Mary Flannery, Ashley Dunlea, Anthony Barber, Vicky O’Regan, Sarah Mannix, Gemma Dacayo, Azem Hotaj, Liam Campion, Asta Penggai, Sally McMahon and Sheila O’Callaghan. Photo: Don MacMonagle