MAPPING: Nick Hall is the man who puts Killarney landmarks on Google Maps. Photo: Sean Moriarty


By Sean Moriarty

Within an hour of Killarney’s latest tourist attraction’s public unveiling it was already uploaded to Google Maps.


On Tuesday, Killarney Looking Good unveiled a new wooden sculpture of a monk to capture the story of 1092 Annals of Innisfallen manuscript.

The new installation was immediately uploaded to Google Maps by local photographer and author Nick Hall.

The Killarney-based Dorset man is a Level 8 Local Guide with Google Maps and his speciality is Killarney and its surroundings.

To achieve Level 8 he has posted over 8,500 photos and reviews on Google Maps, ensuring the website is right up to date and presenting Killarney and its regions to millions of potential viewers worldwide.

He attended Tuesday morning’s official launch next to the Cultural Centre on the East Avenue Road and by midday people who use Google Maps to navigate their way around town would be aware of the new monument and its relevance to the locality.

“I hope to turn this into a full-time career and I have applied to Kerry ETB to do a recognised tour guide course,” he told the Killarney Advertiser.

Hall is also the author of two books including ‘Beautiful Killarney: A Walk Through the National Park’.

He is currently preparing a third book, but COVID-19 and other reasons have delayed this project.