GOING GREEN: Michael Brennan, Managing Director of Killarney Hotels Ltd., says he’s hoping to inspire other companies to use one hundred percent green renewable electricity.

By Michelle Crean

One Killarney hotel is leading by example as it’s now operating entirely on one hundred percent green renewable electricity – and hope to inspire others to do the same.

For almost 60 years, The Europe Hotel & Resort has been setting the benchmark for innovation, technology, quality standards and customer service within the hospitality industry in Ireland.

They have always challenged themselves to lead by example and operate with pride. Now they say it’s more important than ever for not only the hospitality industry, but also society as a whole to take significant action.

“We are acutely aware of how precious our planet is and count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be situated in one of Ireland’s most treasured locations – a UNESCO World Biosphere no less,” Michael Brennan, Managing Director of Killarney Hotels Ltd., said.

“We challenged ourselves to make a significant, positive and immediate change to how we operate our business, while still maintaining the incredible facilities and level of service that we are renowned for.”

Additionally, The Europe Hotel & Resort is part of the Killarney Hotels Sustainability Group, which is committed to continuously strive and reduce the environmental impact of their services and activities.

“Taking into account the scale of the resort and especially the energy consumption of facilities such as ESPA at The Europe, we needed a solution that would allow us to maintain our highly regarded amenities for our guests, while upholding our responsibilities to the environment. Operating on one hundred percent renewable electricity has enabled us to make a change that will have a direct positive impact. As a family owned company, integrity has a high status and one principle is continually “thinking of tomorrow today”. We hope that our action will inspire other companies to take further steps towards a greener, brighter future.”