We were very excited this week in the office when Kieran was invited up to Loreto National School to chat to Principal Mary O’Sullivan, teacher Mr Edward Looney and the students of 5th and 6th class about their amazing win in the Junior Entrepreneur Project awards last weekend.

Two months ago we ran a story about an ingenious little product that the kids in 5th and 6th class had come up with for the Junior Entrepreneur Project: a Tick Kit! In a nutshell, the tick kit gives you the information about what to do if you get a tick bite and also gives you the tools to safely remove the tick from your skin.

Kieran got to chat to the student who came up with the great idea, Ali O’Donoghue, about how she thought up the idea and everything that’s included in the kit. Loreto National School Principal Mary O’Sullivan told us all about the Junior Entrepreneur Project and how it was such a great experience for the students while teacher Mr Edward Looney told us how proud all the staff and parents are of the students, and also where you can get your own tick kit.

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