As work began on changing the face of Killarney streets this week to implement greater social distancing measures Kerry County Council say that in consultation with High Street traders the following was agreed:

· 1 large loading bay to be provided in the Glebe car park with three smaller loading bays

· KCC will examine the overall layout of the Glebe car park to assess if further suitable loading areas can be accommodated

· The provision of three car parking spaces on Monsignor O’Flaherty Road, subject to the approval of An Garda Síochána

· KCC will provide a loading bay outside Killarney Carpet & Furniture Store

· Increase in 15 minute set down high turnover spaces from 5 to 7pm

· Encourage resident parking permit holders to park in High Street car park.

· Rock Road car park will be free from 9-12am for July and August

“As a result of further consultation with traders we re-examined the plan for Lower High Street,” a Kerry County Council spokesperson said.

“In the redesign of the carriageway we are able to facilitate two parking spaces on the right hand side above New Market Lane (Milk Market Lane). The two parking spaces in the previous plan between Pawn Office Lane and Barry’s Lane have to be removed to facilitate parking on the opposite side. This revision has necessitated the repurposing of the loading bay at Dealz from 12pm to a pedestrian area. This is due to constraints on the footpath.

“These measures were intended to be implemented by way of temporary bollards. Guidance from the National Transport Authority has meant alternative temporary measures may be used. In the case of High Street as parking will remain outside on much of the carriageway, the temporary measures will be implemented by way of temporary kerbing. This has helped in the design of the carriageway.”

The overall impact on parking is 13 spaces as previously identified.

There’ll be 15 minute set downs between Sewell’s Corner and Pawn Office Lane, between New Market lane and Hogan’s Lane, and between Bowers Lane and Ball Alley Lane.

There will also be three age friendly spaces provided between Sewell’s Corner and Pawn Office Lane.

The disability bay on the right hand side of High Street is being relocated further up the street with the agreement of the Killarney Access Group.

The implementation of these measures began on Wednesday evening.
“Again, these measures are to provide for a ‘Safe Street’ environment for all users of the town centre, to comply with current public health guidance on social distancing.”


What do you think of the new bollards and widened footpaths throughout the town? Do you think it looks unsightly or will this help with social distancing for pedestrians?

Email to let us know your thoughts.