OPEN NIGHT: Dawn Carmody and Ms Edwina Duggan (Spanish Teacher) pictured at the Killarney Community College open night on Monday night last.
There were magnificent crowds of parents and students through the doors of Killarney Community College on Monday night last.
Doors opened at 6.30pm and a beautiful smell of freshly baked cupcakes wafted through the assembly area from the Home Economics room as everyone experienced all the various subject areas and modern facilities during their annual open night.
Science rooms experimented with light and students also got to witness and take part in the dissection of hearts, kidneys and livers. The practical rooms displayed beautiful creations made by the students and the grand piano echoed sweet music from the general purpose area throughout the evening.
“Our music students showcased their talents while rehearsing for the upcoming pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’,” Principal, Stella Loughnane, said.
“The PE Department showcased the method of assessment that is now used in the Short Course in Junior Cycle. Students demonstrated their gymnastic abilities while Ms.
Maher explained to the parents how this assessment is recorded and graded using the college’s new ICT devices. Resource area three was a hive of activity with students demonstrations of the Vex Robotics designed and coded by our students. All subjects were on display with teachers talking to parents and students about different aspects of their particular subject.”
Principal Stella Loughnane in her address explained how Killarney Community College is a very progressive school, highlighting the curricular development in Computer Coding in the new Junior Cycle, and the college’s involvement as a consultation school for the new Senior Cycle among other areas. Mrs. Loughnane went on to explain how the school provides excellent learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities alike. She explained to parents the high level of results achieved by recent Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle students.
Killarney Community College fully embraces new technologies and has recently implemented the innovative computer system Microsoft 365 which is helping the students be prepared for the future world of learning and work. Currently students are communicating on a daily basis with their teachers through Microsoft 365. Parents on the night commented on the ease of movement around the school and the very obvious rapport between teachers and students including the warmth and caring environment that is a hallmark of Killarney Community College.
“Overall Monday night was a wonderful success due to the hard work and dedication of the management and staff of the college.”