RELIEF: Konrad Paprocki, a photographer living in Killarney, had his stolen camera gear returned this week. Photo: Michelle Crean

By Michelle Crean

It’s every photographer’s worst nightmare – having valuable gear stolen – but local Killarney photographer, Konrad Paprocki, was this week relieved to have his items returned to him by Gardai.

Konrad, who is well known in the town and beyond for his photographic work – was in a state of disbelief when Gardai contacted him to say they had found his camera, a Nikon Z6 worth €2,500 and a brand new Gimble worth €700.

They had been stolen from his car overnight when a number of vehicles were targeted in Muckross Mews in Cahernane Meadows, the weekend before last. A large quantity of power tools and other electronic items were also stolen and have since been recovered.
And with a memory card still inside the camera from a wedding Konrad had shot just hours earlier, he wasn’t hopeful to ever see the images again.

He explained that he and a friend had headed into the house to do some work in the office and left the camera and other equipment in the locked car.
And after forgetting about them he headed to bed around 5am only to be woken to flashing lights by his car.

However, as the car alarm didn’t activate and when he peered out and saw nothing suspicious – he headed back to bed. The following morning around 8am he went to the car only to find a window smashed and the equipment gone as well as his wallet.
“The camera was on the passenger seat and the wallet was beside it,” Konrad told the Killarney Advertiser.
“Four cars were robbed that night.”
However, he said he knew the couple’s photos were safe as it’s not the only camera he used on the day.

“Only 10 percent of the images were on the camera,” he said.
“I’ve learnt my lesson. Never leave anything in the car. I never thought it was going to happen to me.”

A person has been arrested in relation to these incidents and further arrests are anticipated as Killarney and Dingle Gardaí continue their investigations.