FORGET about spanking new buildings – the ruins of Ireland are enjoying their moment in the limelight in Killarney this month. “Large Ruined Houses of Ireland” is the title of a fascinating photographic exhibition which runs at Killarney Library until Saturday, September 30, during library opening hours.

This exhibition of monochrome images is curated by Robert Smith, a photographer and an enthusiast on the subject.

The object of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the disappearing architectural masterpieces of Ireland and hope at least one person sees them and takes up their cause. Robert hopes that the exhibition’s photos inspire young people to take notice and research the demise of these buildings around their county and the rest of Ireland.

In 1989, whilst working in England, Robert met Mark Bence Jones, a writer, noted for his books on Irish architecture. He described the plight of some of the large ruined houses in Ireland, many of which had gone past the point of redemption. His enthusiasm was infectious and Robert became interested as a result. This has been a long-term project for Robert with the project only finalised this year.

This free exhibition is open Monday to Saturday. For more information visit or call 064-6632655.