By Michelle Crean


A concerned local has this week erected a make shift public sign warning walkers about ticks and the deadly effects of Lyme Disease.

Although a leaflet covered in plastic, the local feels that something is better than nothing and is calling on officials to put up proper permanent signage about the danger of tick bites to warn the public.

The leaflet, which advises the public what to do if they’re bitten by a tick, was placed on the gate at the Kings Bridge entrance to Killarney National Park, opposite the cathedral.

The concerned local spoke exclusively to the Killarney Advertiser this week explaining why it was so important to get the message out there.

“There are no signs there in the park warning about ticks and Lyme disease,” the local said.

“Something had to be done. People need to know about this. It’s been known for about seven years now. But why isn’t it been made known to the public?”

The local hopes the action will spur officials to finally put up proper signage to help warn the public.

“The OPW and the Council should be doing this. It’s people’s health. Hopefully it will make a difference to someone’s life.”