ANTI-SOCIAL: Local resident Robert Biskup is fed up with anti-social behaviour on Pawn Office Lane in the heart of the town. Photo: Sean Moriarty


By Sean Moriarty

Sexual acts, binge drinking, drug use, acts of violence and vandalism – are just some of what young children are witnessing in one Killarney laneway – a local property owner has claimed this week.

Children living in Pawn Office Lane just off High Street, who are living there due to the housing crisis – are regularly witnessing anti-social behaviour and playing alongside 660 litre bins – which are stinking in the summer heat.

Nearly two decades ago the laneway, which was historically used for bins, was converted into apartment blocks.

Local hotel worker and resident Robert Biskup, who is married with two children aged seven and nine, says it’s disgusting to live in such a place as his family have regularly witnessed lewd behaviour on the street, especially Friday and Saturday nights.

“Drunk people have peed up against windows at night in front of my kids,” he told the Killarney Advertiser. “It is not a good place. The people throw food and the birds empty the bins and take rubbish everywhere.”

When he has to leave in the early hours of the morning for work, he said that rubbish is every-where.

“The garbage is full in the street,” he added. “It is very messy. Sometimes it is okay as I take my children to the park to play, but that is not possible every day and they have to play in this.”

A visit by Killarney Advertiser staff yesterday (Thursday) revealed broken glass and over-flowing bins despite an agreement, according to local landlords, that the street is to be cleaned three times a day.

New by-laws state that bins are not allowed in the street yet there are no alternative storage locations in the lane – where the children play.

“The laneways are attracting anti-social behaviour which at times is filtering into the main streets,” local landlord Ann McEnery said.

“Young children are exposed to this and as they reach their teens the situation is going to get a lot worse.”

Kerry County Council who are aware of the issues said that they are happy to discuss concerns with residents.

“This is a private residential area,” a Council spokesperson said.

“The volume of bins is an issue in many parts of the town and something the Council is aware of. The Council continues to liaise on an ongoing basis with residents on matters of mutual concern and is happy to discuss any matters with residents. Anti-social behaviour is a matter for An Garda Síochána.”





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