Talent scouts from one of the world’s leading TV shows have invited a team of musical Killarney students to England for an audition.

Excited students from The Sem are now anxiously awaiting the call to go and perform at the next stage of the Britian’s Got Talent auditions – after taking part in local auditions recently.

The boys, taught by music teachers Niamh O’Connell and Mish O’Donoghue, came to the the attention of the show after their performance in Electric Picnic earlier this year and also following their recent Stormzy video online – which garnered over half a million views.

According to Niamh, the students from first to sixth year that make up the St Brendan’s Music Ensemble are so happy to get to the next stage.

“It was the success of Electric Picnic and the Stormzy wrap that they were contacted by a BGT  Talent scout who asked if they’d audition.

“We put something together and auditioned in Killarney. We got a call last Thursday to go to the UK to audition although we have no date yet. We don’t know what will happen or how far they’ll go but it’s a step in the right direction.”
She added that although there is a great buzz in the school since – it’s back to the books for the boys who are currently completing their Christmas exams.

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