SCHOOL CHOIR: St Francis Special School Choir Beaufort will be go busking in the Killarney Outlet Centre this Friday, December 6.

By Michelle Crean

Pupils at one school love singing and performing so much that they’re planning a fundraising busking day this Friday.

St Francis Special School Choir in Beaufort set up in September 2016 by Mary O’Riordan and Breda Courtney, are warming up their vocals up with weekly rehearsals and ready to entertain in the Killarney Outlet Centre from 11am-12pm.

Last year the school raised €1,125 with the same fundraiser and this money went towards new musical instruments, a sound system and the pupils got to experience a drumming session by Drum Dance Ireland, teacher Mary O’Riordan explained.

“Last year we were so overwhelmed with the support we got in the Outlet Centre it was truly amazing. The money raised this year will go towards developing our school choir further. Our pupils are very excited, and all support is greatly appreciated.”

“We noticed that there was so much talent amongst our pupils and staff in the school. We set up the choir with the aim of performing at our end of year Mass. An electric piano was bought out of the Ring of Kerry Cycle funds and this has been a huge asset to our choir. Joan Ward provides the instrumental music for our choir.”

She explained how the pupils contribute to their choir in many different ways.

“They love singing and performing. We are so proud of our pupils and we have noticed that their faces light up when we perform. We use a whole sensory approach, for example, we use Lámh signs and different props. Pupils and staff look forward to choir practice every week and the choir has united the school. Our busking trip last year has been our biggest and most successful event to-date and we are hoping that this year will top last year.”