A Kerry County Councillor believes that the replacement of some water pipes in the Beaufort area by Irish Water, brought only a temporary relief to the long suffering householders there. Fianna Fáil’s Michael Cahill said that there has recently been an interruption in water supply in parts of Beaufort for the fourth week in a row.

“It appears that the replacement of pipes in certain areas gave temporary relief to the householders, but that pressure has now been transferred over to the unreplaced sections of old pipes and breaks are now occurring regularly. These ongoing leaks and bursts are happening in Carnahone, Dunloe, Ballagh and along the Board of Works road down to Kilcoolaght to name but a few, and it is unfair to expect families to put up with this loss of a basic human requirement.”

Repairing pipe bursts also means digging up roads, which is another undesirable knock-on effect, damaging the transport network, he added.

“Partial replacement of pipes proved to be only a temporary solution and it is now obvious that a major replacement of all old pipes is urgently required, to bring the utility up to an expected human standard” stated Councillor Cahill.

“I met with both Kerry County Council and Irish Water in recent days to highlight this problem in Beaufort and I impressed upon them the need to fund and carry out a major pipe replacement project for all of Beaufort. If not attended to, there will be a knock-on effect to surrounding areas including Killorglin, where ageing pipe systems may too come under pressure. The basics of a water supply is a clean product and an efficient delivery system and in this instance the product is well below an acceptable standard. The people of Beaufort have suffered for far too long, Irish Water need to get it right this time, they need to get their act together, they need to replace all the old pipes and reinstate the road network at the earliest possible date.”