By Michelle Crean

Nursing Homes Ireland is appealing to people within the hospitality and retail sectors to look for opportunities in providing care to older people during the Coronavirus emergency.

Staffing needs will arise for nursing homes in meeting the care needs of older people, with the disciplines in nursing homes being wide-ranging. Roles on a temporary basis that may interest people could include those of healthcare professionals including nurses and physios, healthcare assistants, catering, activities, ancillary or administrative support.

NHI has informed Minister for Health Simon Harris of the unparalleled challenges COVID-19 presents with regard to healthcare staffing which will similarly present for nursing homes across the country.

“We’re in the midst of a national health emergency and are facing up to challenges that have never been presented to us before,” Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO said.

“A nursing home has to meet all the care needs of people who require specialised and highly dependent services on a round-the-clock basis. Nursing homes are preparing as best they can to meet the unprecedented challenges that will face them in the coming weeks and possibly months. One considerable concern is to ensure a staffing complement is consistently available to meet the day-to-day social care needs of nursing home residents especially at a time of emergency and with visitor restrictions. Irish people have a tremendous ability to support one another during difficult times and this has never been more required. Nursing homes will need that resilience and flexibility from within their communities in the weeks ahead and opportunities will likely present for roles to be filled.”

NHI has urged people who feel they can contribute to care of older people to present such to nursing homes by way of outlining their skillset in a short email and to present their CV with it.

A list of email addresses for nursing homes is available at and queries or CVs can also be submitted to

Short, medium and long-term contracts can be offered by nursing homes, as well as flexible working arrangements.

“As per all health services, nursing homes are under huge pressure with visitor restrictions at present so we ask people to contact their local nursing by way of email,” Mr Daly said. “A listing of Nursing Homes Ireland members is available from our website. We thank people for their support of our sector during this national health emergency. Working with older people can bring satisfaction that cannot be achieved in other jobs. Nursing homes are community settings with very special residents and staff. These highly regulated, healthcare settings provide excellent opportunity to enhance people during these challenging times.”