In last week’s edition of the Killarney Advertiser, historian Damien Switzer put forward the idea of renaming Killarney House & Gardens in honour of the late John McShain, the great American businessman and philanthropist who bought a large chunk of Killarney and gave it back to us for nothing. He also called for a statue to be erected in McShain’s honour in a prominent location in town.

I agreed with Damien and it appears as though I’m not the only one; many of our readers got in touch this past week to voice their approval. Here are some of the responses we received:

Eileen Sheehan: “Absolutely, it should be called John McShain Memorial Park and there should be a statue erected. What a generous couple. Now now we can all enjoy its magic.”

Anne Marie Kennelly: “I fully agree that there should be a section of the Park with perhaps a statue, sculpture or plaque for the McShain family. There should be a room in Killarney House given to explaining his story and his construction and career achievements. His generosity was immense and all future generations and visitors should learn about it. But I’d be slow to tear down the wall. It provides such peace and tranquility within the gardens. No noise pollution at all.”

Pat Buckley: “A definite ‘YES’. And not before time. Thank you for highlighting it.”

Noreen Healy: “Fair play Adam Moynihan and Damien Switzer for two very good articles. About time the McShain family are recognised for all they have given to the community. Not even a blade of grass or tree named after them. Of course Killarney House & Gardens should be named after them and about time. My family have had strong connections with McShain family over the years and would have worked for them and known them personally. Best of luck in your campaign.”

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