There was high drama this week down at the Killarney Athletic 7-a-side as we saw the first MLS shootout in the tournament’s 42-year history.

In the first round of the playoffs, Dunboy Construction held my own team, The Speakeasy, to a 1-1 draw and, in a departure from previous years, the match went straight to penalties. But not just any penalties: in a new format borrowed from American soccer, players had to dribble from the centre circle and shoot/dribble past the advancing goalkeeper to score.

There was great interest in this novel addition and it was a lot of fun for spectators and players alike – even though I missed mine. Thankfully our goalkeeper Conor ‘Pony’ O’Riordan came to the rescue. He stepped up to score our 7th penalty by calmly rounding his opposite number (check out the video on Killarney Athletic’s Instagram), and then he saved Dunboy’s last effort. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and hopefully there will be one or two more before the tournament is over.

The penultimate week of action kicks off Monday night and there are some great matches in store. Check out our print edition for a full fixture list.

Matt Keane, meanwhile, seems to have the Golden Boot Award sewn up already. The Fáilte Legends midfielder has 12 goals to his name.

Race for the Golden Boot

1. Matt Keane (Fáilte Legends) – 12 goals
2. Ian Somers (MD O’Shea’s) – 6
= Marcin Bzowy (Liam Lynch Skoda) – 6
4. Adam Moynihan (The Speakeasy) – 5
5. Ryan O’Carroll (Four Star Pizza) – 4
= David Long (Tim Jones) – 4
= Derry Ahern (Liebherr) – 4
= Brian O’Reilly (The Speakeasy) – 4
9. Chris O’Meara (Mackey’s Crew) – 3
= Kevin Gorman (Cavemen Clothing) – 3
= Shane Doolan (Tatler Toffees) – 3
= Wayne Sparling (Fáilte Legends) – 3
= Cathal O’Shea (Fáilte Legends) – 3

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