Adam Moynihan


It certainly appears as though last week’s article struck a nerve locally, particularly amongst players who are sick and tired of training and playing well into December. Everyone I’ve spoken to – players, club officers and supporters alike – agrees that a 12-month season is unfair and that something has to change.


Dr Crokes’ first round O’Donoughue Cup game against Fossa will not take place until December 9, which means that this year’s competition might not finish before Christmas Day. Some players have said that earlier rounds could have been played earlier in the year but the East Kerry Board didn’t avail of free weekends.


Others have suggested scrapping the unpopular Super League competition (which takes place at the beginning of the season in February) and starting the East Kerry Championship at that time of year instead.


Last week’s exclusive article revealed the extent to which local players are fed up with the scheduling of the O’Donoghue Cup but what happens next?


Unfortunately, I was unable to pin the East Kerry Board down for a comment this week. I would be hopeful of speaking to them in the near future.


But if players really want the schedule to change, they have to come together and do something about it. If each senior team in the district writes down their concerns and shares those concerns with their club, that would be a very positive first step.


In fact, one senior club official I spoke to said that this is the only way of making anything happen.


If the players are unanimous in wanting something, the clubs will have to communicate this to the East Kerry Board and the East Kerry Board will have to listen. At the end of the day, the Board answers to the clubs, and the clubs have a responsibility to look after their players.


I suppose the reality is that it’s easy for me and every other player in the district to complain but, when it comes down to it, are we willing to take action?

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