An impromptu trad session on a Ryanair flight involving Killarney students – has taken off online with over 2 million views – after a video was posted on Tuesday.

Students from St Brendan’s College Killarney, broke into music, song and dance whilst on a return flight home – following their Britain’s Got Talent auditions in the London Palladium on Sunday.

Allowed to take some of their instruments on board the flight – the elated boys – who received a standing ovation from the 2,000 strong BGT crowd – had been on a high. But their happiness soared even more after they got home and realised Tuesday that their video had gone viral.

The boys, a mix of first to sixth years and their teachers Mish O’Donoghue and Niamh O’Connell, were shocked to discover the 1 minute and 46 long video had received almost a quarter of a million views within four hours of Ryanair staff posting the video on their Facebook page.

And since then it has continued to receive hits, has had 42k likes, had 21,132 shares and 6.5K comments.

Teacher Mish said that the boys did very well in their audition and even received a standing ovation. However, it was after the flight home that took them by surprise.

They were in school when they heard the video was getting huge hits online, she explained.

“It’s unbelievable and beyond our wildest dreams,” Mish told the Killarney Advertiser.

“We were here in school on Tuesday and someone said Ryanair had put the video of the singsong on their Facebook page.

“It’s all been a whirlwind since. We’re just enjoying this feelgood factor.”

She added that it’ll be at least three weeks before they hear if the boys have made it through to the live shows of one of the world’s biggest talent shows.