FUNDING: Alexis O’Mahony received her new wheelchair on Wednesday but her parents are in urgent of a bigger car.

By Sean Moriarty

Members of Flares Gymnastics and Cheerleading are set to hold their first socially distanced fundraiser to raise funds for local girl Alexis O’Mahony.

Alexis suffers from Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency, a condition that affects her ability to breakdown food to fuel her body, which results in side effects that include Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.

Her parents Steve and Teresa O’Mahony urgenty need a new specially adapted car to cater for their growing daughter’s needs.

“Alexis has now outgrown their own small car and the urgent need has now arisen for her to get a new wheelchair accessible car that would not only change Alexis’s life but her parents too,” explained Hayley Murphy of Flares Gymnastics and Cheerleading.

The athletes will complete a task of doing one hundred backflips at home during the week of November 23-29.

“The money raised will give Alexis’s parents the support they need to allow for easy transportation for Alexis but also the comfort of changing and feeding her in a safe, clean, controlled, environment,” added Hayley. “Allowing for her own unique space adjusted to meet her needs, which will support comfort, safe transportation, Scoliosis and all other aliments that she has.”

Members of the public can sponsor an athlete or give a donation on Alexis O’Mahony’s GoFundMe page.