A perplexing parking policy was brought to our attention this week by a mother who was forced leave Killarney Cineplex halfway through a movie to purchase a new ticket.

Parking along the East Avenue Road, where the famous Killarney picture house is located, is limited to a single hour between 8.30am and 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday. That means parents who wish to take their kids to a matinee are left with a choice between attempting to find parking elsewhere in town and parking near the cinema and leaving after an hour to buy another parking ticket.

Surely special dispensation should be made at this particular location in town? Every effort should be made to promote local businesses, especially one like the cinema which has played such a significant role in the history and economy of Killarney.

Many commercial enterprises feel hindered by the parking issues in town, as evidenced by the TEIR 1 report in which 25% of business owners cited parking as the primary barrier to development. The fact that potential customers and tourists are being put off by the lack of parking in the town centre is one of the key issues, but unfair restrictions like the one outside the cinema are also a factor for other enterprises.

We have experienced difficulties ourselves outside the office here on Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty Road at the top of High Street. The Killarney Advertiser is part of a relatively new complex that includes the Park Place Apartments and other businesses, yet there is no suitable loading bay or parking outside our doors or those of our neighbours.

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