A Killarney councillor has once again called for a pedestrian crossing to be installed on Mission Road near the entrance to Killarney House & Gardens, saying visitors were being deterred from entering the park as crossing the road was too dangerous.

Echoing concerns that were highlighted by the Killarney Advertiser as far back as last year, Cllr Michael Gleeson said he had seen groups of people standing at the Beech Road side waiting to cross, and that the current situation was limiting access to Killarney House & Gardens. “It’s akin to locking the doors to the National Gallery in Dublin,” Cllr Gleeson said.

It wasn’t the first time he has brought up the issue, he added.

Kerry County Council has confirmed that a pedestrian count was carried out in June and the numbers were sufficient to justify a pedestrian crossing. “KCC will consult with the TII to seek approval to proceed with the design of a pedestrian crossing at this location,” they said.

As noted in these pages on numerous occasions, the lack of a suitable crossing on Mission Road is a serious safety concern so we are pleased to hear that steps are being made to rectify the situation.

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