NEW RUNNING GROUP: David McCarthy plans to help others by inviting them to go running regularly with him. Photo: Michelle Crean

By Michelle Crean


One local man has gone from feeling a bit upside down to feeling a whole lot better thanks to running – and now he is planning to help others.


David McCarthy from Tiernaboul, felt life had lost its spark and often battles with bouts of depression.

However, he turned his life around when he took to the roads.

Now he runs three mornings a week and wants to help others help themselves by inviting them along for the first run next Tuesday, November 26.

“I started running and my world changed,” David told the Killarney Advertiser.

“I stopped running and life really changed for the worst. Now I run three days a week and I would like to take you with me. I promise you will feel better. You may not be able to change your life but you can change the way you feel about your life.

Trust me, I have been there but thankfully much less now. I drank and smoked for years and never exercised. I got depressed but didn’t know it until I started to see repeat life patterns and realised I was not right. I know that wallowing in your own misery is easier than doing something about it but you have to take this first step.”


David’s routine includes running at 7.30am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Ross Castle and then 8am every Saturdays on the Old Kenmare Road.


“You don’t need to be an athlete and you don’t even need to be fit, that will come as a by-product, you just have to want to feel better,” he said.

“To start, you decide how far you run, but the next time you run you must try to go a little further.”


Anyone interested in improving their health through running can call David on 086 0776940 or just text to say you’re coming on a run.

“This is free. Your happiness and well-being is only down the road. Break the monotony and feel better,” he said.

“We’ll be dead for a long time so enjoy your life.”