TASTY: Antonio Bazdaric and Tereza Mlcochova pictured at The Crêpe House Killarney, a new business which has opened in Old Market Lane. Photo Michelle Crean

By Michelle Crean

A new Killarney business with a trendy vibe has not only created five jobs but is proving very popular amongst customers with their selection of gourmet hot chocolates and crêpes.

The Crêpe House Killarney in Old Market Lane opened just before the third lockdown was announced and although they’ve had to switch to a take away offering – it’s become the go-to place especially for young people.

The new business is part of Jam Cafe, which reopened its doors in mid-October. The owners, who also run TOBA on High Street, saw an opportunity at the back of the Jam Cafe building to offer an alternative to customers.

“Before we opened Jam we pinpointed that part of the building could be used for something exciting,” Darragh Walshe told the Killarney Advertiser this week. “It’s been in the pipeline for months. We recognised there was an opening and we thought we could do something different and decided to concentrate on sweet and sour crêpes as there’s nothing like it in Killarney. We also offer very high quality barista coffee and gourmet hot chocolate.”

He said that although they opened the doors as a sit down service just before Christmas, due to the introduction of Level 5 restrictions they changed to a take away service and are “following all HSE guidelines and safety protocols”.

“The reaction has been very positive and it’s building momentum. It’s a nice treat and we’re picking up customers who are out for walks. We’ve had queues around the block and it’s allowing us to keep a service open to the public and staff employed which is very important to us.”