PRECIOUS: It was a precious moment for Bridie McGrath when she finally got to hold her granddaughter Chloe for the very first time.

By Michelle Crean

Holding the newest member of the family was a very precious and long-awaited moment as lockdown restrictions meant they couldn’t have a cuddle!

After three long months Bridie McGrath from Ardshanavooley was finally able to hold baby Chloe for the very first time.

Chloe McGrath, daughter of Maxine and John McGrath, was born on March 21 in Cork University Hospital.

The doting grandmother could only gaze at the new little bundle through the window of her son’s house in Pinewood Estate due to the very strict COVID-19 Government guidelines.

However, as the roadmap to reopening the country means people can once again visit family, Bridie, longing to hold Chloe and visit her grandson Joshua (4) – finally got the chance last week, explained her son John.

“Mom was over the moon to be able to sit down have a cup of tea with us and hold Chloe,” John told the Killarney Advertiser.

“It was great to get a bit of normality back in all our lives. It’s times like these that make you appreciate family.”