Michael Lindsay who many around town will know, is a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 17 years’ experience working in the Health & Fitness Industry both in the UK and here in Ireland and is the also the owner and Managing Director of Studio 7 Fitness here in Killarney. Michael has given seminars and talks on Stress Management, The Power of Exercise and the effect of Exercise & Nutrition on Mental Health to both adults and children alike.

Michael also designed and implemented his own 9 week course in the Killarney Community College for their adult night classes called “Release Your Inner Brilliance”. He is now taking this program into the Plaza on 13th October to help inspire others to create the best life possible and turn their dreams and wishes into reality. Michael will be covering various topics such as converting Motivation to Habitual change, Mindfulness, Changing the way we think and Stress Management strategies plus many more.

“I have always cared about people in general” “I receive the most satisfaction in my job from those who may have come to me lacking in confidence and suffering with anxiety and mental health worries to see their personalities come alive when they start to see changes both physically and mentally, that’s the reason I got into his area in the first place”

“I like the analogy of the iceberg. It is not just about what’s on the surface, I look at the whole person and what’s under the water so to speak as everybody is different and our brains are very complex organs. I love guiding people along their mind and body journeys and I will continue to do so as long as I can”

For more information and ticket purchasing for the “Release Your Inner Brilliance” event, you can contact Michael on

Tel: 0863221620

Email: info@studio7fitness.ie

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