By Sean Moriarty

Cllr Michael Gleeson has expressed his disappointment at not being able to fulfil his final official engagement as Mayor of Killarney.

Mayor Gleeson has been cocooning for the last number of weeks to protect himself and his wife Kathleen from the effects of the Coronavirus.

The elected members of the Killarney Municipal District are to meet today (Friday) to discuss road funding and return to business protocols.

Councillors have been holding online video conference meetings since the outbreak of the virus but as today’s meeting centres on road funding allocation there is a legal requirement for a physical meeting to take place and members of the public and media are allowed attend if they wish.

The Mayor of Killarney is a ceremonial role that lasts for 12 months. Mr Gleeson was elected by his Council colleagues at the first Municipal District meeting following last May’s local elections.

Apart from today’s meeting, all other gatherings are not allowed until further restrictions are lifted – as a result, Mayor Gleeson will bow out as the town’s Mayor with little or no fanfare and a new Mayor will be elected next month.

“I have adhered strictly to the prescribed protocol. I have done so for the protection of Kathleen and myself and also because it is important the elected people would do what is right,” he told the Killarney Advertiser.

“People cocooning are asked to not enter buildings where there are other people and I intend to adhere to that. I, therefore, will not be attending the roads meeting and I have asked Cllr Brendan Cronin to chair it. I am sorry to not be able to attend and chair what is probably my last outing as Mayor but there is a greater reality and I don’t wish to be the cause of discomfort or unease for anybody.”