EU TRIP: Harry White (16) from St Brendan’s College has been selected to travel to Brussels this weekend following his essay on gender equality. Photo: Michelle Crean

By Michelle Crean

One lucky Killarney student is off to Brussels this weekend after being selected as one of 19 in Munster to visit the European Parliament.
Harry White (16), who is a Transition Year student in St Brendan’s College, is the only Killarney student selected and will board a plane on Sunday for the three day trip which will include meeting Ballydowney resident MEP Sean Kelly.
Harry, encouraged by his TY coordinator PJ Lucey, entered his 500 word essay ‘How Will Life Be Different When and If We Achieve Gender Equality’ focusing on the subtle differences he has noticed between himself and his younger sister outlining how it should be balanced for all children.
“I had to do research on the movement of gender equality and I had to go with what I think it would be like.”
Harry added that he’s excited and looking forward to the trip.
“We get to meet Sean Kelly for dinner every night and have a trip around Brussels. We’ll have a guest speaker every day and get to visit the EU parliament on Monday.”
His father Pete added that he is delighted Harry was chosen for the trip.
“We’re very proud. He did a great essay and it’s a great thing to achieve.”