EXHIBITION: Egle Saladziute has an exhibition of photos displayed in the Bank of Ireland in Killarney.

By Michelle Crean

The joy bubbles bring to young children is the focus of an exhibition running in the Bank of Ireland, New Street, by local woman Egle Saladziute.

Egle, who is living in Killarney town is an artist, designer and art teacher, and through an after schools programme in four local schools, photographed the joy and creativity the giant bubbles brought to the lives of the children.

Two large wooden exhibits with 16 canvas prints are inside the bank for what is her second exhibition.

She said that working with the children brought her great joy and through the exhibition she now wants to share that with others.

“Bubbles like rainbows, appear for a short period and capture our wonder,“ Egle, amother of two, said.

“They bring joy. Watch a child at play, reaching out in delight at the elusive bubbles and you will find a smile is born to you.“

She said that creativity is not a switch you can turn on but a power you generate constantly. “I work to stimulate that power in a way that will entertain children in a joyful and fun way. The result is this exhibition, created from six hours of happiness and creativity in four different schools.”

Over the weeks, about one hundred spontaneous pictures have been created and she explained that she selected the ones that stand out most to her in terms of expression and colour.

“It is hard to be selective when I would wish to include them all. There is no posing in these pictures, they evoke natural emotion achieved with my handmade tools. This exhibition is an opportunity for me to share once again the joy of those who took part in it.”