HELPING: Killarney Cardiac Response Unit volunteers are making masks which will be available to the public. Pictured were: Bridget Delaney, Eileen Brosnan and Noreen Sheahan.

By Michelle Crean


Kind-hearted Killarney locals have come together to help others in the community – by gathering materials and producing face masks.

The team at Killarney Cardiac Response Unit (KCRU) have been busy producing reusable face masks to help defeat the spread of COVID-19.

Made entirely by the cardiac response volunteers the face masks are reusable, washable and ensure the disposable clinical type face masks are reserved for those on the frontline.

“We all felt as a unit we needed to give back in such a time of need, our community support approach has had few calls so we decided that production of face masks would be a key process we could complete together,” Carole Moran from KCRU told the Killarney Advertiser.

Eileen Brosnan is orchestrating the project, she added.

“She has shown us how to make the masks and individuals who don’t have a sewing machine have parts to play like adding the elastic, ironing etc. Materials are sourced from a supplier. There are about 20 first responders working on the project. They will be distributed either by contacting the KCRU direct and we have been in contact with local shops to help us also.”

Killarney Cardiac Response Unit who respond to 999/112 calls on behalf of and in conjunction with the National Ambulance Service have during COVID-19 refocused on community support, public access AED and spreading advice within the community through its social media platforms.

The group will continue to be available for community support as needed and can be contacted at 064 66 94144 via