By Sean Moriarty

The team behind the Listry Meals On Wheels Service was honoured at the recent Annual General Meeting of Listry Community Council.

At the height of the lockdown the popular community service faced being grounded at a time it was needed the most.

Listry Community Council has been running the service for the last 10 years and each Monday, Wednesday and Friday they deliver meals to around 20 vulnerable households in the area.

The service was mainly operated by retired locals but when they were asked to cocoon during the early phases of the national shutdown it was feared that the service would not be able to continue.

However, since many other locals found themselves out of work at the same time, they stepped in to fill the gap.

The service continued uninterrupted throughout lockdown, even the local pub, The Faha Court, donated its ‘Social Spin’ car to the service’s efforts.

The O’Shea Award is presented by the Listry Community Council to people or organisations who have made an outstanding service to the local community. The award is dedicated to the family who donated lands to build a national school in the area.

“So many people responded to our appeals to find drivers and kept the service going,” Council Chair Tony Darmody told the Killarney Advertiser. “The award is dedicated to them and all our drivers over the last 10 years.”

Cathriona Doody O’Connor received the award on behalf of Meals On wheels Service on the night.