By Sean Moriarty

Killarney library may not be able to reopen on June 8 – the proposed date of the second phase of the Government’s roadmap to reopen the country – due to social distancing measures.

The Government stated that public libraries could reopen on this date.

However, it is impossible to reopen Killarney’s library as the staff there will not be able to implement social distancing measures to protect themselves and the library’s members.

“This is a considerable loss from the point of view of getting books and of meeting others in a social and relaxing setting. The library is doing everything possible to facilitate people in relation to book supply,” Mayor Michael Gleeson told the Killarney Advertiser.

According to Kerry County Council, they said they are currently considering the implications for all of its services, including the library service, and having regard to the advice and guidelines of the public health authorities.