LAST July we started campaigning in earnest for more parking for Killarney. That was the height of the tourism season but over the past few weeks the lack of spaces for vehicles as Christmas shoppers descended on town became a frustrating talking point.

It is wonderful to see the town enjoying a whole separate tourism season on the strength of Killarney’s success as a festive destination thanks to the gung-ho sprit of all involved in Christmas in Killarney.

So can a solution to the parking crux be found to enhance the shopping experience for locals and visitors alike?

In the past week alone, two local motorists told me of how they gave up on circling the town and simply turned around drove home again. Surely businesses are losing out? One motorist told me how he had intended on buying items in town but because he wasn’t able to park, he drove the several miles back home and made his purchases online instead. “It is infuriating and frustrating,” he said. “This is a problem. If this was my experience, then how many more have the same story?”

So are we sending people out of town and off our high street – people who would otherwise shop local? Surely we’re greatly reducing businesses’ commercial revenue potential by not addressing this problem.

Another driver told me how she drove around town several times one day over the festive season and was forced to return home again without leaving her car.

Killarney Advertiser has highlighted how a multi-storey car park, for instance in the Glebe car park or Lewis Road, could boost the town’s infrastructure and revenue. What do you think? Let us know at

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