Killarney retains purple flag status

Killarney is celebrating the news that it has successfully retained the prestigious Purple Flag, an accreditation for its evening and night-time economy, having submitted a detailed Interim Renewal Application in June 2019.

This is a ‘gold standard’ for towns and cities in the early evening and at night from 5pm to 5am. Like Blue Flags for beaches, towns that meet the stringent criteria can proudly fly the flag.

Killarney is one of 70 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland who have been awarded with the Purple Flag status. This accreditation recognises Killarney as an ‘area of excellence’, especially in the evening economy, offering the highest quality in shopping, dining, pubs, culture and entertainment.

“We are delighted that Killarney has retained its Purple Flag status and this success can be attributed to the quality and commitment of the working group and the businesses in Killarney town who operate in the night-time economy,”  said Frank Doran Killarney Purple Flag Committee Chairman. “In order to retain the Purple Flag everyone in Killarney must continue our work on an every-day basis with all evening and night-time businesses in order to continue to develop our entertainment, food and hospitality offering in Killarney. “Killarney will be subject to external assessment again in 2020 and we look forward to working with local businesses and key stakeholders to help promote the area and Purple Flag to the widest possible audience.”

Killarney will celebrate its success during the upcoming Purple Flag Weekend which is to take place in October.  Details to be confirmed in the very near future.