By Michelle Crean


You may have already noticed Killarney man Mike O’Connor popping up in our finance section over the last few months, so perhaps it is time for a formal introduction. Mike is a CFA Charterholder but currently working as an investment consultant in the Cayman Islands. After spending seven years working in Ireland’s institutional investment space, he moved to the Caribbean, where he now manages investment portfolios for high-net-worth individuals.


In recent weeks, Mike has been finalising his first book ‘Learn to Invest – A Beginner’s Guide’ that offers a complete guide to investing. The idea of the one hundred plus page free tep-by-step book is to help everyone get started on their investing journey, regardless of age, net worth or past experience. It starts with the most basic investment principles and takes you all the way through to creating your own investment portfolio and buying your first stock.

“I simply wanted to create something that strips away the noise and focuses on the core pillars of investing,” Mike told the Killarney Advertiser. “Most people have an inherent desire to overcomplicate things these days. In reality, investing isn’t anywhere near as complicated as many people make it out to be. Investing is not about picking the perfect investment first time out; I certainly didn’t. It’s about taking action and implementing basic principles over time. So set aside the excuses, take the necessary steps to educate yourself, and get started. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines rueing missed opportunities, but the reality is, it’s far more worthwhile preparing yourself so you can take advantage of future opportunities as they arise. This book will help you do just that.”

Mike set out to write a book that was straightforward and easy to follow, regardless of prior knowledge about investing, but he also wanted to ensure that people actually put the knowledge they learnt into practice.

“Most of the time you are provided with a broad-based commentary on a particular subject without any tangible action plan on how to implement your newfound information. This always frustrated me as I would typically learn something new, contemplate all the ways this new approach could change my life for about five minutes, only to put the book down and proceed to do absolutely nothing about it,” he said.

“Perhaps this is just me, but in a bid to break from this trend, the ‘Learn to Invest’ guide has challenges, tasks and actionable tips to make sure you not only learn about investing but also take the necessary steps to make your first investment and put a long-term investment plan in place.

For a copy, simply download it from Mike’s website