YOUNG OFFENDERS: Killian Heelan and Conor O’Donoghue will be the stars of hit Irish comedy ‘Young Offenders’ in December. Photo: Michelle Crean

By Michelle Crean


Two Killarney lads – who happen to be best friends – are living the dream after being chosen from 7,000 to appear as main characters in one of the country’s best loved programmes ‘Young Offenders’.

Their episode has received over 3.1m views as it’s available on the BBC iPlayer and with their episode due to air on RTE screens on December 23 – Conor O’Donoghue (19) and Killian Heelan (21) are pinching themselves after they accidently found themselves the main stars of the hit comedy show.

In what turned out to be a series of coincidental events the boys couldn’t believe their eyes when picked up in a 191 blacked out Mercedes van in Cork – only to find when they got on set that they were the main stars – filming the episode over five days.






Killian, son of Elaine and George, first tried out for the show last year after seeing a casting call on social media, but was disappointed when he didn’t get through. His own Tik Tok social skit channel proved a bit hit since and might have had something to do with him getting the part, he explained.

“They got back to me a year later. They must have seen my 43,000 followers,” Killian explained to the Killarney Advertiser on Monday.

“I had to make a few videos of me cursing and shouting and told my mom to not take any notice!”

For Conor, son of Sophie O’Donoghue and Warren Haighway, he had five minutes to send his audition also shouting and coursing.

In their episode, there’s Kerry Cork rivalry as Young Offenders stars Jock and Conor holiday in Kerry. What ensues is hilarious antics centering around Killarney’s Killian and Conor.

“It is nothing we’d done before and it was surreal when we got there, meeting the boys and all the stars of the show. We didn’t think a lot of it would be centred around us. It’s life-changing.”

Both lads are planning to sign with casting agencies and are hoping for more acting work.

“To be the next Fassbender,” Conor said.