Killarney has a new best friend in Germany

Killarney hopes to forge strong new cultural, tourism and business links with a busy area in Germany after agreeing to what is being described as a new “town friendship” with Schlebusch-Leverkusen.

Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce President, Paul Sherry, was the VIP guest at the annual Schlebusch festival at which a friendship pact was agreed and an official scroll signed by the Mayor of Schlebusch, Bernhard Marewski.

Schlebusch has a population of 26,000 people, with 160,000 in the greater Leverkusen area, and it is hoped that the already great relationship can be enhanced going forward for the benefit of both towns.

The friendship arose from a visit by a party from Schlebusch to the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Killarney in 2019 and they will be returning again for the March 17 festival in 2021.

That group was led by Matthias Hermann, Erin Caraideann and the Irish Friends in Leverkusen and they fell in love with the town and its people.

In addition, another group of 19 people will visit Killarney next March and they are looking forward to meeting up with great friends already made.

Paul Sherry said Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce was delighted to accept the invitation to attend the festival in Germany and he is confident it will lead to a very positive and lasting relationship.

“The hospitality shown and the warmth of the people of Schlebusch was amazing and their interest in all things Irish, and especially Killarney, was heart-warming,” said Mr  Sherry.

During his visit to the two-day festival, Mr Sherry also met with Paul Cahill who is a key part of the Global Team in the Irish Business Network and they discussed how links can be built between Killarney and the culture-rich German town.

The chamber president also presented Mayor Bernhard Marewski with a book entitled Beautiful Killarneywhich features some stunning images of the beauty of the area.