TEE TIME: Killarney Golf and Fishing Club is ready to welcome back members but restrictions apply.



By Sean Moriarty

Killarney Golf and Fishing Club will partially reopen tomorrow (Monday) but under a wide range of restrictions.

Both Mahony’s Point and Killeen golf courses will reopen to members only with strict regulations on the numbers of golfers allowed on courses at any one time. Golfers can only travel the permitted 5k to attend the course and bookings from outside the area will not be accepted.

The Lackabane course, the Driving Range and Academy will remain closed for the time being and plans to reopen these are under review.

The course will operate a tight timetable, Monday to Friday between 8am and 7pm and between 7am and 6pm over the weekend.

Golfers will start at 14-minute intervals and will be limited to just three balls, and other restrictions will apply.

“For the purpose of contact tracing, our members must book their tee time in advance through our online booking system or by phone,” sales and marketing manager Meg Dalton told the Killarney Advertiser.

“Golfers are expected to observe the underlying public health guidance including any restrictions which apply on travel from home. It is the responsibility of individuals to observe society-wide public health guidelines. While golf clubs must ensure that the game is played safely, it is not the responsibility of golf clubs to ensure that members adhere to the laws of the land.”