The Killarney Distilling Company, which is owned by the people behind the hugely successful Killarney Brewing Company, have revealed details about their soon-to-be released Killarney Gin – and it sounds delicious.

Speaking to the Killarney Advertiser, owner Paul Sheahan and GM Barry Spellman outlined the plans for their first spirit, which firmly puts Killarney Distilling Company on the map.

“The heather honey gin is made with wild Irish botanicals and local raw honey,” Paul explains. “It’s our ode to the hard-working bees of our beautiful surrounds. We wanted something that was indigenous to Killarney. The purple heather of the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks… You can really taste the sweetness of the raw honey as well as the wild botanicals coming through.

“We’ve worked for months with one of Ireland’s foremost master distillers to develop our recipe,” Paul continues. “Right now we’re contract distilling it in small batches off-site and bringing it to Killarney. We’ll be spreading our wings from there. We’re currently in the process of purchasing a site for our distillery, and we’re going to be distilling whiskey. As a precursor to that, we’re developing a gin in order to get the ball rolling.”

Gin has very much become the “in” drink in recent times and it is hoped that Killarney Gin will prove to be a popular addition to the market. Pre-orders are currently being taken and the people of Killarney can expect to see it in bars around town and beyond in the not too distant future.

“There has been a massive rise in the appetite for gin, not just in Ireland but across Europe and worldwide,” Barry explains. “It’s a classic spirit, a refreshing, flavourful drink that you can make a lot of cocktails with it. It’s perfect for the summertime. Wait ‘til you try our signature Bees Knees cocktail…”