Acclaimed Killarney film ‘Tradition’ will be shown at a major US film festival in the New Year – and director Damian O’Callaghan is hopeful it will draw some of the world’s best filmmakers to the town.


‘Tradition’, which was filmed entirely in the Killarney area, has been selected for the prestigious Chicago Irish Film Festival in February.

And O’Callaghan says his hometown is a “dream” for any filmmaker.

“It’s a big positive for the town,” he told the Killarney Advertiser this week.

“People from the film world are going to see Killarney at this festival and they might say, ‘Maybe we can bring another film here?’. Hopefully it’ll impact on tourism and help bring more visitors over as well.”

He added that Killarney town has all the resources and the infrastructure to facilitate the making of any movie, especially with the scenery and the hotels here.

“The politicians, the council, the gardaí, the fire brigade. Everyone is so helpful. The people of Killarney are one of a kind. We have a town that no one else has.”

O’Callaghan added that he was delighted ‘Tradition’ had been chosen for such a big festival and he was also full of praise for the people of Killarney who helped with OC Production’s second feature-length film.


“The quality of the film is what got us there, and that’s a testament to all the teamwork that went into the project,” he said.


“It’s not just an OC Productions film – I will stress that – this is very much a Killarney film because if it wasn’t for the people of Killarney, we wouldn’t have had a film. That goes for all the hotels, all the politicians, and all the people who put the shoulder to the wheel and kept it going forward.


The Chicago Irish Film Festival specialises in US premieres and films that go on to screen in Sundance, Tribeca and Toronto Film Festivals. Previous films shown at the festival include ‘Calvary’ starring Brendan Gleeson, Ger Barrett’s ‘Glassland’ and Oscar-nominated film ‘The Breadwinner’.


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